Types of Silver Marcasite Rings

Silver Marcasite Rings

Types of Silver Marcasite Rings


Pyrite are marcasite  both are similar but Pyrite is more stable and less brittle as compared to Silver Marcasite Rings.

Marcasite ring designs are no longer reserved for basic and classic styles

they have their own evolving trends to shine in more stylish way. From extravagant gemstone marcasite rings to dainty simple marcasite bands which can be stackable. They are now available in all kinds of trendy fashion design, in all sorts of sizes and shapes to choose from. Updated weekly, our selection of new arrivals is always filled with the latest fashion styles everyone love. Discover Hong Factory’s wholesale ring collection which transcends time and passes fashion trend.

Not only that you can select from our exclusive range having the best designs and impeccable quality second to none. Hong factory store is where you can truly find the best one-stop-shopping for all of your wholesale marcasite jewelry sourcing. We are pride in delivering four decades of exclusive designs, meticulous attention to details and quality craftsmanship. Our focus is on crafting your experience with luxury and exquisiteness that is affordable and profitable for our customers.

You will be stunned by the extensive range of wholesale Marcasite rings collection

There are massive kinds and designs, including solitaire ring, antique ring, eternity ring, cocktail rings, signet ring, claddagh ring, halo ring, birthstone ring and more. You can select from multiple choices to add in your jewelry collections to suit different taste of style game. Hong Factory’s collection will never disappoint you.

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