Wholesale Marcasite Necklace

Different Types of  Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chain

Chains are one of the most versatile jewelry items that money can buy and they come in many different colors and shapes and these days Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chains are trending everywhere. People started wearing chains many decades ago by both males and females and they are made from different materials such as metal, gold, platinum but recently stainless steel as well.

Wholesale Marcasite Necklace

The demand for Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chains has gradually been increasing since it was first introduced but most recently people have shifted most of their focus towards สร้อยคอเงินแท้ chains because it is comparatively cheap yet equally durable and these are just a few of many benefits it has to offer. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chains is that it can easily go with a modern look as well as with a traditional look which shows just how versatile it can be.

These chains come in several different types because every individual wants to be unique and prefer a different style which is why the companies produce new types of Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chains every day and some of them are listed below:

  • The rope chain:

As the name suggests, this Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chain is made to look like a rope that is perfectly aligned and well balanced. Also sometimes known as the wheat chain, this chain is made by hundreds of oval chain links connected that take the form of a chain and you can alter its length from the jeweler to whatever length works the best for you; plus, you can easily wear this with multiple pendants or even on its own if you want. If very thin links are made then it can be a little soft and can break easily with pressure but thick link chains are very sturdy and can withstand pressure.

  • The ball chain:

This is one of the classic designs that has been with for quite some time but people are still very fond of this design as it gives a vintage yet modernized look at the same time. This Wholesale Marcasite Necklace ball chain is made from tiny balls joined together via thin pieces of metal or stainless steel to form a long chain; furthermore, there can be a few alterations in this design to slightly change the look of the chain depending on the demand by the customer or choice of the manufacturer; plus, the chain can be made heavy or light depending on which size of the ball is being used.

  • The snake chain:

This is one of the most durable, long lasting and heavy chains that is loved by the people. This Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chain is made from thousands of disc-like structures linked together to form a long snake-like looking flexible chain.

Wholesale Marcasite Necklace

Even though it does not look like it, but it is very flexible and is very comforting to wear as it very soft on the skin unlike the rest as its type like structure doesn’t have any sharp points. This is also very rigid so it can be used roughly; however, it can be towards the expensive side because it weighs a lot because of its packed design and length.

  • Curb chain:

This is possibly the most famous design amongst all and people still fancy it a lot. They don’t care if anyone else has the same type of chain on their Wholesale Marcasite Necklace as it is a fashion statement and not only the buyers, even the jewelers love this chain because it has a huge demand so easy to sell generates a lot of profit.

This beautiful chain is made flat twisted links joined together to form a chain and these can be of any length or any thickness depending on the necklace or the choice of the buyer. This chain is also very firm and minimizes the chances of it being broken.

  • The box design chain:

A box chain is also referred to as a Venetian chain and it is a very unique type of design for Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chains. It is made of several box-shaped sterling silver pieces joined together to form one long chain. Because of its complex structure, it is pretty durable and is hard to break which is why it is mostly used for kids’ jewelry items as they can be careless and damage their precious jewelry. When used for a necklace, small box chains are used as the bigger boxes will look too bulky and ruin the beauty of the necklace.

  • The Figaro chain:

Wholesale Marcasite Necklace

If you are the type of male who enjoys wearing chains and wants something unique and stylish that you can wear almost all with all types of clothes? Then look no further because this Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chain is the right choice for you. This is a very sturdy and unbreakable chain that is very similar to the curb chain but still has some unique changes to it. The pattern of this Figaro chain is formed by linking 3 normal curb links and then 1 elongated curb link together and you need to repeat this exact pattern to form a stylish yet simple chain.

Even females love this type of chain and are often seen wearing it with the precious necklaces or pendants to enhance their beauty. A pair of this chain can be a perfect gift choice for a couple for their special day.

Wholesale Marcasite Necklace

There will always be an abundance of  Wholesale Marcasite Necklace chains available on the market for you to buy and the choice will keep getting bigger and better but to choose the best option for you, you need to keep the external factors in mind and think how it will look on you if you can afford it or not to figure out what is the right choice for you. It is also a better choice to keep your options open and get multiple chains instead of just fixating on one to keep refreshing your look and always be unique and different.