925 real silver
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Important Facts to Know on 925 real silver Jewelry

Here are some important things you should know about 925 real silver jewelry.

925 real silver

Silver jewelry pieces  especially the 925 real silver  jewelry is one of the most famous with the finest quality. There have been some changing patterns in valuable metals throughout the years. But silver has stayed in its place for centuries and decades. The styles and design may change according to the trends. But it always has been 925 real silver. You can always add in your favorite gemstone to make your jewelry piece look beautiful. The ascent of rose gold and the movements between yellow gold, white gold, and back again are only a couple. There are a couple of top choices that have stood the trial of time, however, and 925 real silver is one of them. 

Similarly, as with different sorts of adornments, authentic and genuine silver gems are something that can endure forever or more. The trick is to instruct yourself about this metal and figuring out how to deal with it. You need to do your homework first and try to check it thoroughly before buying it.

Regardless of whether you’re new or old to real silver or a long-lasting fan, these are some of the facts you need to note down.

925 real silver

  • 925 real silver is reasonable

A few people before buying a valuable jewelry piece want its cost to be as low as they can easily afford. This is where real silver solves the problem. It has a low price as well as very shiny a beautiful looking jewelry item.

  • Tarnish problem

Since you know that 925 real silver is not 100% pure silver it has a few percentages of mixed metals like copper and nickel. And due to these mixed metals, it can cause the real silver to tarnish and scratch off the surface. 

Many sellers will tell you that this product you are buying is forever and long lasting. This can be very irritating and disappointing when you see that your valuable piece of jewelry is being tarnished. But you can always go to your professional jeweler and get it polished. You 925 real silver will be new as ever.

Another reason for tarnishing is that when you keep your jewelry boxes or compartments in a humid place. This causes the area to get wet and the real silver to get intact with water. This results in tarnishing.

925 real silver

Similarly, when you keep the jewelry piece together it causes them to rub against each other leading to scratches.  

You can keep your 925 real silver separate from other pieces of jewelry and make sure to keep it in a cloth if you do doubt humidity in that area. This will at least help your beautiful jewelry piece to stay safe from rusting and scratching. It will then only be durable.

  • Robustness

Why would anyone want to add different metals in pure silver? Do they want to lower the value? These are some of the misconceptions of some people. Adding in doesn’t lower the cost of real silver. But instead, it makes it harder and easier to mold it into different styles and designs.

It is important to maintain the durability so that it can be worn every day. Other silver can’t be used because they are so soft that it will bend or change their shape easily. These kinds of metals can only be used for décor.

  • Common cleaning items you should not use

There are some materials mentioned everywhere that it would clean the silver properly. Here are a few of them.

  • Toothpaste

Many people suggested that if you put toothpaste on your piece of jewelry and rub it off with a brush it will remove the grease and dirt. But this was only when in old times toothpaste only contained baking soda and no other chemicals. 

Nowadays, the toothpaste has salt and fluoride in them which can cause some serious damage to your 925 real silver.

925 real silver

  • Silver polisher

If you have bought a silver polisher from the online store thinking it will shine your 925 real silver perfectly, it won’t. Yes, for some time it may look shiny as ever but after a while, it will surely tarnish in the long run.

  • “Don’t wear too much of your jewelry pieces”

A very common wrong belief is that if you wear your jewelry too much it will damage and wear out easily. This wrong. The scientific facts tell us that the oils produce by our body is good for the 925 real silver.

  • True investment

The price of 925 real silver may differ from one market to another. But once you have bought the piece of jewelry and thinking to save it as a point of saving then you have bought the right thing. One thing you need to make sure is that if you have bout the 925 real silver but more amount of silver than other mixed metals. Otherwise, there is no point in selling. All the price of this jewelry is silver.

925 real silver

  • Chemicals that damage 925 real silver

Yes, there are few toxic materials that we use every day that can cause the 925 real silver to damage. We unintentionally use them daily without noting the fact it can cause harm to the jewelry items.

Some of these damaging materials are perfumes, soaps, lotions, serums, and even cosmetics. You should put on all this stuff before and let it dry for a while and then wear your beautiful jewelry piece.

Other than this you should take care before going out in the sun because exposing too much heat and sunlight can also cause it to ruin your jewelry. 


925 real silver

Last but not the least, you should keep these facts about 925 real silver in your mind when purchasing. Silver is the most precious piece of jewelry that is very common wear today. You can make it look more elegant and beautiful by adding in your choice of gemstones. These facts will help your silver jewelry in tip top condition and last long.

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