What is a Solitaire Engagement ring, its history and why you should choose it

A solitaire diamond ring is of no Engagement ring doubt the most famous wedding ring used to propose. When it comes to jewellery, the word “solitaire” is employed to explain a single diamond or precious stone fashioned into a ring or a different piece of jewellery. This ring is made up of two parts – a diamond as well as a setting. There are different types of solitaire ring settings.

Solitaire diamond rings are capable of having high carat weights, or they can be very moderate. Regardless of your personal preference, you’ll always find the perfect diamond solitaire ring in the market. The settings of your solitaire diamond ring are based on your style as a person and what you can afford. The two most used metals are yellow gold and white gold. Engagement ring

However, platinum is also a well-known pick for solitaire wedding rings because of its durability and contemporary shine. The second section of the solitaire diamond ring is now the diamond. Engagement ring The diamond will then depict individual preferences and budgets. The solitaire diamond wedding ring is famous for portraying the highest statement of beauty and tradition.

What is a Solitaire Engagement ring, its history and why you should choose it

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Solitaire rings have been in existence since rings first came on the scene. Engagement ring They were the only kind of ring that was used till the diamond industry truly began to realize huge profits. In the 1940s, diamond corporation De Beers gained ownership of a large part of the market, but up till that point, diamonds were used mainly by the rich.

With many diamonds (which is true, mined diamonds aren’t and have not been scarce) and a low amount of sales, De Beers set efforts to hire advertising agency N.W. Ayer to influence the industry positively. The campaign started by the agency – “A Diamond is Forever” – influenced how the world saw diamond wedding rings.

As soon as the diamond industry became big and demand was high, new wedding ring styles were created to draw interest. Three stone, halo, accented- the list is on. When it comes to how to procure a diamond, Engagement ring there are various options for wedding ring styles that can be difficult to pick from. Regardless, the ease and shine of a solitaire wedding ring are still loved by many people.

Why Choose a Solitaire Engagement Ring Style?

First, you can never make a mistake with a solitaire wedding ring. For more than a century, Engagement ring the solitaire wedding ring style has occurred as the highest statement of beauty and tradition. The design of this ring type is one of the most famous choices for every diamond shape.

The timeless round elegant diamond cut is a solitaire style wedding ring. The diamond in the solitaire setting is held in place, most often using metal prongs raising the diamond to serve as the point of attention on the ring. This style of solitaire prong setting lets the light reflect across the base of the stone from beneath the diamond in between the prongs giving the highest brilliance to the diamond.

An antique emerald cut diamond solitaire wedding ring has a solitaire setting that can be bought in a series of metals – 18 carats white & yellow gold & platinum. And it can be made to suit every diamond shape and can be placed on a band shape that matches perfectly with most engagement ring designs.


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Advantages of Solitaire rings

Wide Use

Solitaires always stand out when it relates to practical versatility. They work amazingly well with most wedding bands. As the wedding ring won’t have any particular style, you’re free to use the timeless, more extensive and old band combinations. They help by placing wear and tear to a minimum by not creating large areas with delicate metalwork. You can toss around with metal colour combos as well.

It is an outstanding choice for those who fancy a common and straightforward approach to designs. Although delicate wedding rings are not that popular, we realize a gradual shift to purposely selecting a Engagement ring standard setting that you’d also feel comfortable wearing. You can make a very extravagant design set using just one diamond.


For the simple fact of owning a single stone, a solitaire wedding ring is a lot easier to care for. There is one stone for you to clean all the time and a setting to bother about and see to it that nothing happens. Other rings, Engagement ring like a three-stone setting, multiply your efforts of caring for the ring.

It is particularly true when each of the three stones is similar. A typical wedding ring trend connects it with two coloured precious stones beside a colourless diamond or diamond substitute. A delicate design like this will be tough to care for and oversee. How to clean your diamonds will be the same as what works for coloured stones.

This may lead to having your rings expertly cleaned more often. With a solitaire wedding ring, immediately you understand how to care for your peculiar metal and stone, that is all. The regular exercise of cleaning your wedding ring will be much easier with a solitaire setting.


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Solitaire setting styles 

Tiffany Setting

One of the trendy solitaire ring settings is the Tiffany setting. Engagement ring As you likely assume from the name, this setting was made by Tiffany & Co. and employed a unique six-prong design to enhance the level of light that gets to the diamond.

Cathedral Solitaire Setting

Cathedral solitaire settings, also referred to as “high-profile” settings, Engagement ring features an arched design that looks like the roofline of a cathedral. It sets the centre diamond high over the ring, so the diamond appears as if it’s floating over the band.

Basket Setting

Of course, basket setting resembles a basket. It is the most common and well-known setting, most often found in solitaire wedding rings. Basket settings typically come with four prongs that set the stone in its position and maybe raised high or low according to that particular design.

Bezel setting

A bezel setting encircles the diamond itself or diamond substitute’s girdle (the Engagement ring most significant point on a stone) with a metal band. It produces a smooth, snag-free corner that prevents your stones from falling off. Although there is a low possibility that your stone will spoil through this setting, bezel settings are also famous for making a stone appear lesser than it usually would in a regular basket or peghead setting.

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