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Pavé Engagement Rings: Things to know before making the purchase

A pavé setting is a type of engagement ring setting, where the ring shank is adorned with little diamonds. In this case, the diamonds are held in place with metal prongs or beads so as to create the impression of a continuous row of diamonds. In this case, as in diamond paving, pavé is pronounced  Its origin comes from the French word “to pave.” The pavé setting features small diamonds lining the band. There are hardly any visible signs of the prongs or beads that hold the diamonds in place. Engagement Rings

In addition to adding additional sparkle to the engagement ring, a pavé setting also showcases the beautiful center diamond. From the simplest of contemporary settings to the most elaborate vintage designs featuring pavé-set diamonds, pavé settings can be found in a wide range of styles. A pavé set diamond is one that weighs between .01 and .02 carats. Micropavé diamonds are smaller than that (they typically come in thin bands).

Pavé Engagement Rings: Things to know before making the purchase

Engagement Rings

The History Of Pavé Engagement Rings

In fine jewelry, pavé settings have been used since the 1700s. However, engagement rings did not use pavé until the 20th century. There are often Retro engagement rings that feature pavé diamonds, as big, bold designs with an abundance of sparkle were popular at the time. Engagement Rings


Engagement rings today come with a variety of pavé settings, including French pavé, petite pavé, and more. Here are some of the common pavé setting types, along with their unique characteristics: Engagement Rings

Micro Pavé

In micro pavé settings, diamonds of less than 0.01ct have been set in incredibly small spaces. Over 100 of these diamonds can be set closely together in a micro pavé setting to create the illusion of a continuous diamond band. In addition to having so many diamonds, micro pavé settings usually have a beautiful sparkle that extends down the ring shank. We offer a comprehensive guide to micro pavé rings that goes into greater detail about the things you need to consider if you’re considering this type of setting.

French Pavé

As a difference from classic pavé settings, the French pavé is distinguished by its placement of each diamond within a shallow v-shaped opening. A cut such as this creates a line of continuous diamonds, with less metal visible, and causes the sides of each diamond to stand out more. As with other settings, French pavé settings create a beautiful sparkle and reduce the visibility of metal between the diamonds. Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

Petite Pavé

Traditional pavé settings and petite pavé settings are both similar. Petite pavé settings, however, utilize smaller prongs that remain visible to the eye rather than the larger prongs that are used for classic pavé settings.

Shared prong

This is a style that allows by holding two accent stones together by one prong, there is less metal, which creates a tighter, more uniform look and allows more light to hit the diamond and get the maximum sparkle. Engagement Rings


The metal surrounding the diamonds or gemstones is encased in these settings. Adding a pretty design element to the stone keeps it firmly in place and is secure. Quite popular among men and women, bezel-set rings retain their appeal for a long time. Engagement Rings

Bar setting

Two metal bars are placed on either side of the diamond accents to hold them in place. This type of secure setting is typically found in an eternity band or in a three-stone ring with baguette-style diamonds. Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

Surface prong setting

A tiny metal prong holds each diamond firmly in place in the most common setting. Their shapes can be rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped. Engagement Rings

How to clean a Pave Ring

Whenever you wear precious jewelry, you should use a cleaning solution tailored to both the metal and the gemstone. In the absence of a cleaning solution that’s designed for that jewelry, make sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm soapy water. The use of harsh abrasive or chemical materials should be avoided. Make sure you clean between the prongs and in crevices on the ring with the brush. Engagement Rings

Have the jewelry steam cleaned and ultrasonically cleaned by a jeweler so that it maintains its best finish. Keeping your pave rings and pave wedding bands clean and sparkling by following these steps will ensure they are safe to wear every day. If you are cooking, cleaning, or exercising, make sure you remove the ring to prevent it from becoming dirty, greasy, or filmy. Engagement Rings

Benefits of the Pavé Ring Setting

Have you fallen in love with the pavé setting? We’re sure you’ll love these features that make it so special! Engagement Rings

More Bling for Your Buck

Pavé settings are appealing because they offer you a cluster of diamonds at a really good price. Aren’t more diamonds going to mean more money? This isn’t the case here, though sometimes it is. This is a killer deal that will get you more diamonds. As a result of the small size of the accent stones, when they’re arranged around the center stone, it gives the illusion of one larger diamond. In the end, you won’t need to select a large center stone as accent stones will make the diamond appear larger. Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Ample Design Choices

It is a well-known fact that pavé settings are a popular favorite for engagement rings. Due to this, there are many different design styles available for you to choose from. A sea of gorgeous settings is at your fingertips, from round brilliant halo pavé rings to twisted and braided bands. Engagement Rings

Cons of A Pavé Setting

Pavé settings are hampered by the fact that more diamonds require more maintenance. The following points are important to remember: Engagement Rings

More Expensive Than Solitaire Settings

It has already been mentioned that buyers have the option to buy several diamonds without breaking the bank with a pavé setting. However, even though this is accurate, pavé settings still cost more than simple solitaire settings. It’s obvious that using more materials brings a higher price tag, but not just that. Engagement Rings

Pavé Settings Require More Cleaning

The crevices of this dynamic ring setting are prone to accumulating dirt and grime due to so many diamonds. Therefore, regularly cleaning your ring will be essential. Engagement Rings

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