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What Are the Most Popular Ring Metals?

The choice of ring metal is wide-ranging and can range from low-cost tungsten to high-end platinum. The preferred metal will relate to not only the cost but also the type of ring and personal style preference. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options: Ring Metals.

What Are the Most Popular Ring Metals?

Ring Metals


Platinum is a precious metal that is expensive but is appreciated for the fact it does not need much maintenance. This rare metal is typically mixed with a variety of other metals, such as ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, and iridium. The metal is heavy and dense, which means it is remarkably durable. Any rings in platinum will not experience issues with corrosion or stress-cracking, which is an issue for the white gold rings. Maintaining this ring simply involves an occasional clean with warm water and mild soap. Also, if the platinum is scratched, the mark can often be removed by buffing. Ring Metals.


Gold rings are widely available, popular, and traditional. The most common types include yellow and white gold. The yellow gold is typically more hard-wearing and easier to maintain and repair abrasions. Apart from the extra upkeep of the white gold, it is also a metal that is more expensive. The light color of the white gold is achieved by adding several other metals, such as palladium, manganese, and nickel. They act much like a bleaching agent to create a warm gray/silver shade. Ring Metals.

Ring Metals


Palladium has a look that is comparable to platinum with a soft white-silver finish. Also, the rarity, durability, color, and melting point are similar to platinum, but this metal isn’t so dense. The rings in palladium are perfect for those with sensitive skin because the metal is naturally hypoallergenic. Ring Metals.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver continues to be very popular for all types of jewelry. It is significantly more affordable than alternatives like gold and platinum. Much like pure gold, the silver medal is too soft on its own, so mixed with several different metal alloys. The preferred extra content is rhodium plating which helps to create the shine and look of white gold or platinum. Sterling silver needs a regular clean, but with the proper routine, there shouldn’t be any reason to not maintain a shiny, polished look for the long term. Ring Metals.

Ring Metals


Tungsten is a great low-cost option that is a reliable option in the most rugged environments with minimal risk of damage. However, this is a metal that doesn’t give the option to resize. It is scratch-proof, dense, and needs virtually no maintenance. Ring Metals.

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